GDPR eu representative


Article 27 of the EU GDPR requires an organisation operating within the EEA to appoint a DPO or representative in GDPR

The representative in GDPR will act for the organisation on compliance in GDPR and liaise with data protection authorities within the Union. The representative will also be a point of contact for data subjects.

The EU representative is appointed by a contractual relationship that represents competence regarding legislation, consultancy and GDPR implementation.

Thanks to our EU representative, you as a non-EU organisation will be able to continue your activities within the EU and comply with the terms of Article 27. 

In addition, the EU representative’s support will also be able to include the following:

  • A GDPR representation activity report and Quarterly recap;
  • The development of a landing page enabling data subjects to exercise their rights; under the GDPR;
  • Liaising with the data protection authority.


This service contains the offer for all organisation processing personal data of European citizens to third countries or third parties outside the EEA.

The extent of data processing, the nature and the way for this varies from organisation to organisation. Before appointing the representative, a scope will be undertaken.

GDPR EU representative