DPO Associates BV is looking for privacy specialists such as a DPO or a CISO to work together on a freelance basis to carry out various assignments within the sphere of GDPR.

Tasks for our freelancers;

  • Oversee compliance with laws and regulations within GDPR
  • Establish and maintain processing and data leakage registries
  • Drafting and implementing privacy procedures
  • Provide advice to management and other stakeholders of our partners
  • Increase awareness among organizations regarding ICT, communications and GDPR
  • Conducting GAP Analyses and DPIAs.
  • Acting as a certified DPO

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone with broad interest in GDPR legislation
  • Profiles with ICT knowledge and information security
  • Freelancers who can perform both remote and on premise tasks
  • Multilingual is a plus

What do we offer you?

  • Different assignments with multiple clients
  • Compensation as a partner with our organization


Please contact us using the form accompanied by your resume and cover letter so we can conduct an initial screening. We will contact you after the screening.