Gap analysis

GDPR GAP Analysis

The GAP analysis provides an overview of gaps against GDPR identified during the assessment. 

The report provides an overview of general and specific findings with recommendations and a step-by-step plan outlining actions to be taken to manage the organisation’s compliance with GDPR.


All aspects of GDPR such as legal, security, administrative as well as organisational that are described and have an impact on the processing of personal data at an organisation.

In the first phase, the assessment will cover the main processes such as HR, IT, Finance and Marketing.

The scope of the assessment will show what personal data an organisation processes such as with data of customers, patients, employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

The business activities along with these personal data are linked to IT processes that will be identified according to an audit based on ISO27001 standards to establish a helicopter view of the organisation.

GDPR GAP Analysis