What is CISO?


What is CISO & ISMS?

A CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is a senior executive within an organization who is responsible for managing information security and cybersecurity. The term "ISMS" stands for "Information Security Management System" and refers to the set of processes, procedures, policies, and technologies that an organization deploys to manage and improve information security. Thus, a CISO ISMS refers to the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in relation to an organization's Information Security Management System.

CISO As A Service

Why have a CISO?

A CISO is vital to protecting the organization from ever-evolving cyber threats, complying with regulations, ensuring business continuity and increasing cybersecurity awareness within the organization. They play a key role in ensuring the security and integrity of business operations and data.

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ISO/IEC 27001 includes a comprehensive list of controls that outline how security can be embedded in all aspects of an organization. Although certification is not mandatory, implementing some or all of the controls can bring significant benefits not only to the organization itself, but also to its customers and suppliers. It ensures a high level of information security, reduces the risk of data leaks and business disruptions, and strengthens stakeholder confidence in the organization. Moreover, demonstrating compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 standards can provide a competitive advantage and create new business opportunities because it demonstrates that the organization is serious about protecting data and information security.

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