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A GDPR consultant helps companies understand and properly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European Union. A good GDPR consultant is a data protection expert who helps and guide companies in their pursuit of full compliance.


A GDPR consultant within your company

Companies choose to engage GDPR consultants to evaluate and determine whether they comply with the new uniform data protection regulations in the EU. If you need the support of a GDPR consultant, we have many experts in our network who can get started right away.

Depending on your preference, our specialists can work directly on site or remotely.

World class professionals

We have professionals in our network with solid expertise and experience in the field of GDPR advice .

Our consultants can be flexibly placed in your company, no matter how long you need their services.


Do YOU need a DPO?


The GDPR requires a DPO to supervise all companies that process large amounts of private data of EU and UK citizens.


The GDPR does not require specific certifications for DPOs, but does require them to be data protection experts.


Data experts

DPOs must be data processing experts and knowledgeable about the protections required for the type of data being processed.


Privacy officer

A data protection officer can come from a company’s existing staff or a third-party can act as a DPO .


Our GDPR consultants have already guided many companies

The GDPR has changed the way personal data is collected, shared and processed.
Not only in Belgium but worldwide. As of May 25, 2018, all organizations must review and change their policies, processes and contracts, as well as technical and organizational compliance measures, or face significant fines.
Do you already comply with the GDPR?

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