Using a disclaimer on your website

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There are many websites that include a disclaimer. But what is it? Why do you need this? Is this mandatory ? When should you have it ?


It is a text or file on your website that gives visitors more information about the content of your website. You can set a disclaimer on your website , blog or webshop but you can also add them at the bottom of your email.

Include liability?

Some disclaimers state that the website owner is not liable for the information. This cannot just happen , there is a law gergeld for this. Liability is regulated by law. A disclaimer does not change that. Moreover, it is a statement.

What do you use a disclaimer for?

You cannot exclude liability with a disclaimer, but you can use it to provide the right information. What can you put in it?

  • Indicate that the text and photos on your website are self-created.
  • Explaining the content of your website.
  • Communicate that you are not an expert or official authority.
  • Pass along information about advertising on your website for which you have been paid.


A disclaimer is not required.