Processing personal data outside the EEA with Japan as an example

An adequacy decision on Japan in early 2019 by the European Commission created the world's largest area of secure data flows.

An adequacy decision on Japan in early 2019 by the European Commission created the world’s largest area of secure data flows.

Based on strong protection guarantees, data can be exchanged between the 2 economies.

Europeans can enjoy extra-high privacy standards when processing personal data with Japanese companies and gain access to an additional market of 127 million consumers.

Investing in privacy pays off!

Before an adequacy decision is approved, additional safeguards offered by privacy by design must be implemented by the DPO association of

Protection guarantees must comply with European standards such as;

  • The protection of sensitive data with the exercise of individual rights allowing Japan to process the personal data again with another country.
  • Similarly, the European Commission has received assurances from Japanese government agencies to have limited access for criminal enforcement and national security purposes.
  • Japan’s data protection authority will also investigate and resolve Europeans’ complaints regarding access to personal data.

High privacy standards and personal data protection as well as facilitating international trade will go hand in hand.

Protection of personal data around the world.

By applying the rules described in the AVG and reforms implemented in the EU on data protection, the European Commission wants to provide a system that guarantees a high level of protection both inside and outside the EU.

For information regarding the processing of personal data outside the EEA, please contact iReto‘s accredited DPOs.

What is an adequacy decision?

If another country outside the EEA provides a level of personal data protection comparable to that of the European Union, the commission may invoke the adequacy decision.

Which countries are in the EEA?

It involves the processing of personal data from 28 member states and 3 member states. The 3 member states are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Countries that already have an adequacy decision with the EU.

In addition to Japan, adequacy decisions have already been made with Andorra, Argentina, Canado, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Man, Israel, Switzerland, Uruguay, New Zealand and the United States although the privacy shield of the United States and Canada were only partially approved.

Only those companies that commit to complying with the binding conditions can benefit from data processing with the EU.


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