GDPR manual for websites

You have a website but are unsure if your website complies with the new GDPR legislation? DPO Associates, with its internet knowledge of GDPR, ensures that your company complies with these requirements. Since you are the data processor thus the data controller, this is very important.

Check out some tips you can use in your website.

Use opt-ins with every form on your website

Your visitors should be clearly informed about what you will do with their data the moment they fill out a form. When using contact form 7, you can also use ReCaptcha ( another tip of the hat).

Website with a privacy statement and disclaimer

Visitors should be informed about how data is processed, you can do this with a privacy statement and/or disclaimer. DPO Associates provides your privacy statement and also a disclaimer, we provide you with the necessary. It also inserts a cookie policy.

Legal advice

Still have questions about the new GDPR legislation? We would be happy to put you in touch with our legal counsel. To do so, contact us at