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Recently, the hack at Limburg. net painfully demonstrated how entities are vulnerable to such attacks. A particularly troubling aspect of the Limburg.net hack was the exposure of sensitive information, including national registry numbers and court records that seriously compromised the privacy of individuals.

In the modern digital world, data has become the most valuable asset and its protection is vital. Unfortunately, small- and medium-sized organizations are often overlooked when it comes to taking appropriate data protection measures.

In this blog, a comprehensive opinion from DPO Danny Baerts.

limburg.net hack

Old server at Limburg.net

The hack at Limburg.net revealed an alarming lack of both technical and organizational measures to protect sensitive data. A old server remained accessible via the Internet, which provided an easy entry point for malicious hackers. Maintaining outdated servers without regular updates is like leaving a door open to sensitive data. Hackers are often skilled at identifying and exploiting weaknesses in legacy systems, gaining unauthorized access. The lesson from the Limburg.net hack is, securing sensitive data is an ongoing process that includes both technical and organizational aspects. Regular audits and updates are not a luxury, but rather a necessity to stay one step ahead of ever-changing cybercrime threats and ensure data integrity.

Rights of data subjects

It is critical that organizations actively inform data subjects of their data protection rights. This includes not only providing information in privacy statements, but also proactively communicating changes in policies or processing activities. By keeping stakeholders informed, organizations can build trust and foster a culture of respect for privacy. Moreover, the Limburg.net case revealed that the organization’s privacy notice was inadequate. It lacked information on how data subjects could file a complaint, which is a fundamental right under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This emphasizes the importance of transparency and communication with data subjects about their rights regarding their personal data.

The solution

As an SME, you may not want to invest in a full-time Data Protection Officer because of the cost and complexity of the process. With the subscriptions of DPO Associates however, you get access to high-quality guidance and support without the burden of internal overhead. By outsourcing data protection issues to experts, you as a business owner can focus on what really matters: growing your business. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with ever-changing regulations or implementing complex security measures

Protection against Ransomware

Ransomware, such as the infamous Medusa, poses a serious threat to both individuals and organizations and has a devastating effect on digital security and business continuity. This often involves disabling or terminating essential Windows services and processes that can normally protect against such attacks. This includes, for example, services that create backups, run security software or provide other file encryption measures. By disabling these systems, attackers can strengthen their grip on the system and complicate the recovery process.

It is essential that organizations proactively invest in security solutions, such as firewalls, endpoint protection and data backups, to protect themselves from the threat of ransomware and other forms of malware.

Anonymize or pseudonymize personal data?

Identity fraud also remains a current problem, with personal information being misused for fraudulent purposes. It is essential that judicial agencies consider methods of anonymizing or pseudonymizing personal data when issuing
and judgments, to reduce the risk of such attacks.

The Lack of Awareness Around Hacking and Identity Fraud

According to recent research, most people are not yet concerned about
hacking and identity fraud
, despite being one of the biggest threats to digital security. This lack of awareness can lead to significant reputational and financial damage for affected individuals and organizations.


In an era when data is the key to success, all organizations, regardless of size, must take data protection seriously. The hack at Limburg.net is a reminder that GDPR compliance and implementing robust security measures are essential to maintaining customer trust and ensuring data integrity.


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